The most romantic places in Slovakia

Slovakia is romantic. Its atmosphere ravishes both, love seekers as well as those alerady found love of their life. Visit beauteous places hidden from majority of the people, explore together various quier corners. Slovakia will show you how to discover love. Get inspired and enjoy the feeling.

Romantic beauty can be found at many places in Slovakia. Many of them are notorious, the other are hidden from the crowds. However, all of them are captivating.

If you have a passion for romance, in Slovakia you are in the right place. Discover quiet nooks and crannies hidden away, outstanding cultural phenomena shining in their splendour and experience atmospheric magical mood of places that will fulfil your dreams.

Whether you are in love wishing to recall your feelings or you belong to those still seeking for someone, in Slovakia you have many opportunities to immerse deep into romantic atmosphere. Do not miss a chance to slow-down that is enliven by love in all its forms and expressions. Not depending on age, take promise of love if you feel it so.

Surprise your dearest with trip to any of unique destinations or sites Slovakia has to offer. Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner, take a romantic walk and experience the unique atmosphere of your preferred romantic corner of the country.

Set out with your love for far-famed mining town breathing with romance at every turn, to any of castles and chateaux simply luring to spend there magical moments or perhaps even to the darkest place of Slovakia where observe absolute night darkness untouched by a light pollution.

Prove your most beloved what you feel is true. Please your partner and yourself with time full of love and romance. Savour together a cosy evening with lovely food, sparkling wine and sweets, find your very own romantic place in Slovakia. Enjoy each other in winding streets of historical towns as well as traditional villages, at the fairytale-like castles, chateaux, ruins or wooden churches, many of which are high-valued worldwide. Slovakia offers plenty of romantic solutions where you can enjoy one another's company.

Banská Štiavnica
This incredible town is a pure essence of romance. Due to undeniable values and beauty, fabulous Banská Štiavnica is a unique destination not only in Slovakia, but also in the world. It became one of the first Slovak towns that has been included into the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Numerous romantic quier corners of the historical downtown or mining monuments remain powerful witnesses to the glorious golden era and the mining history of Slovakia's romantic jewel nicknamed "Silver Town" in the past.

The Dražovce church
The well-preserved typical early Romanesque church of St Michael from the turn of the 11th and 12th century stands on a rocky hill above Dražovce, the borough of Nitra. The picturesque monument of the distant past is one of the oldest churches in Slovakia, no longer in use. Definitely worth the trip, its romantic look and location both represent a significant scenic feature. The site of the church is doubtlessly the most photogenic place in this regional capital and also one of the most preferred one in all Slovakia.

Špania Dolina
Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sites in all the country, picturesque historical mining village of Špania Dolina hidden deep in the forests is a gem of central Slovakia. It boasts an exceptionally photogenic panorama. Belonging to the richest areas in the world in the Middle Ages thanks to copper mining trade, the glorious history and the great spirit of human endeavour left a legacy still visible at numerous valuable sights in the village and its surroundings and in local traditions and habits passed down from generation to generation.

Vígľaš Castle
Once a popular seat of the Hungarian kings, Vígľaš Castle is nowadays place of relax for anyone. There are indications it was built by crusaders in the 13th century. Castle premises will take you back to the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. It combines a medieval atmosphere with the top services of a four-star hotel, royal history with modern luxury. This aristocratic gem offering romantic dining, accommodation as well as services shines in Podpoľanie region.

Hronský Beňadik Monastery
Collectively knows as the Pearl of Pohronie region, ancient Benedictine monastery with adjacent church is one of the oldest and most important architectural monuments of Slovakia. The bulky fortified complex of high historical and architectural value is let into the forested hills over the River Hron. This place of meditation has a very romantic appearance all year round.

The Hrádok Castle and Manor House
For centuries, this site has been a dominant feature of the charming townlet of Liptovský Hrádok and of the whole picturesque upper Liptov region. Ruins of Gothic castle with adjacent Renaissance manor house were in 21st century turned into a unique and charming luxury accommodation facility. A site that offers a stylish accommodation, food and unconventional conference rooms is also popular for weddings.

Bytča Manor House
When it comes to romance, remarkable is the former noble residence in north-western part of the country. The jewel of the Renaissance architecture keeps the original appearance free from any alterations or modifications. But its area hides another gem - a spectacular Wedding Palace, the only of the kind in Slovakia. Three weddings a year are still permitted to take place here. Do you wish to be one of the lucky couples? Hurry up to contact Považie Museum in Žilina, the administrator of the palace.

Ľubovňa Castle
Medieval fortress with more than seven centuries of history perched on a hill overlooking the cozy town of Stará Ľubovňa affords a panoramic view to enjoy natural beauties of northern part of Spiš historical region. Located above a lovely open-air museum, dreamy fairytale appearance of Ľubovňa Castle beyond dispute promises a romantic experience.

Poloniny Dark-Sky Park
Starry sky belongs to most romantic phenomena. Known as one of the darkest places in all of Europe with primeval forests listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, stargazing Poloniny Dark-Sky Park is the first dark sky park in Slovakia and the 20th such park in the world. Located in Poloniny National Park, the least visited national park and the darkest area in Slovakia in terms of light pollution, this dark sky park offers almost 100% natural dark night sky. Nearly 2 000 stars can be seen without a telescope. Also, the darkness of night and nocturnal biorhythms of organisms are least disrupted there.

The Súľov Rocks
This site in north-western Slovakia for sure belong to most beatenest and the most beautiful parts of the country. An attractive rock town of towers, needles, windows and gates above deep waterless gorges, ravines and valleys deserves to be admired by all seeking for something special. While history fans can enjoy ruins of the Súľov Castle, nature wonders enthusiasts will be in seventh heaven due to wonderful sceneries at every turn.

The Red Monastery in Červený Kláštor
Former place of prayers, the fabled Carthusian monastery is a unique cultural and historical relic set in the wonderful natural environment of Pieniny Mountains under the majestic peaks of Tri koruny. It is closely tied with numerous myths, especially with Friar Cyprián who ran a pharmacy, created a famous herbarium, but also has a key role in a legend of Flying Cyprián. For romantic souls and those seeking for calmness, medieval monastery founded in the early 14th century offers to spend the night in the complex.

The Schaubmar Mill
The only preserved stream mill with functional mill technology in Slovakia now serves for cultural purposes within the Slovak National Gallery. Unique mixture of an exposition of milling industry and a gallery of fine arts dedicated primarily to modern and contemporary art and design has a very own genius loci. Located in and orchard, the mill is a lovely and lively place where numerous workshops, guided visits, concerts, markets, and other events are organised throughout the year.

Amaze your other half with grace hidden in the romantic forest, allow yourself to be indulged in noble luxury of aristocratic residences with beds full of rose petals, get spoiled in spa with a treatment of your choice, kiss in the soft light of glowing street lamps in narrow streets of and old town or let romantic sparks fly in the peace and quietness of the beautiful countryside.

Create your very own romantic story. Enjoy magical moments at places where lot of history has been written, in the heart of breathtaking nature or wherever you will have time for each other. Pamper yourself with any of gastronomical highlights and take the opportunity to try stylish dining in restaurants with local delicacies and traditional dishes.

Find your romantic getaway and collect unforgettable experiences. Regardless of where you make professions of your love in Slovakia, being there together is what counts. After all, love is the only value. Share moments of pure joy and happiness with your loved one, feel to be loving and loved in Slovakia.

Author: Marián Ondrišík, Michal Kosák