Špania Dolina

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Banská Bystrica, Špania Dolina

GPS: N48°48'27'' E19°8'2''

The Monument Reserve of Popular Architecture in the central Slovakia commune ŠPANIA DOLINA consists of a unique set of miner houses built of wood and stones.

The former mining village is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Slovakia. Copper and silver ores were mined here in the past. Along with the walled structures once owned by the mining administration a substantial part of local architecture is formed by houses of miners mostly built of logs on stone foundations.  Both the stone or wooden walls were plastered with mud and painted with lime. The saddle roofs with gables were originally covered by shingles. The majority of preserved houses are from the 19th century.

The tall tower of the church of Conversion of the Lord built on Romanesque foundations dominates the wonderful panorama. In order to reach the fortified church, one can choose to climb 160 stairs of a roofed staircase. The entrance is situated in a little park with the Renaissance building of the former klopačka (knocker) from the 16th century. In the area of Klopačka, precious expositions from the history of this unique location can be found. The old water main is also a precious technical monument. The locally produced bobbin lace is also sought after. In the historical building of municipal office is a new Museum of copper. A walk over the mining nature trail in a beautiful nature is a nice experience. 

Source: Vydavateľstvo DAJAMA