Mines in Špania Dolina

The wealth of the town Banská Bystrica in the past stemmed in the copper ore once mined in the administrative territory of the village Špania Dolina in the mountains Starohorské vrchy. Several mines in this typical mountain village still survive and are protected as technical monuments.

The typical mountain village Špania Dolina hidden in the forests of the mountain range Starohorské vrchy has an interesting mining history dated to medieval time. In its environs copper ore was mined and exported to various European countries. The main monument here is the facility used for calling the miners to work – klopačka. This historical structure standing in the centre of the commune served 600 years.

The preserved pits and the huge pit heap, top of which offers a wonderful view of the environs is part of the protected area. The commune is the Monument Reserve of Popular Architecture.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama