Take your time, get to know Slovakia

A touch of history and legends, refreshments and relaxation, and unique places in nature. Enjoy your vacation in a country of friends, where everything is within reach, and discover your favourite part of Slovakia. Take your time and get to know Slovakia because it´s good idea.

    Hot summer

    For cooling down on hot summer days, there are plenty of lakes and rivers with opportunities for a wide range of water sports, top water parks and thermal baths, as well as unique caves. Did you know that the Ochtinská Aragonite Cave is one of only four accessible aragonite caves in the world, with similar caves only available in the Czech Republic, Mexico and Argentina?  

    Historical secrets and sightseeing

    425 chateaus and 220 castles make Slovakia a European rarity, with each of them hiding their own secrets. The whole world knows the story of the bloodthirsty Lady of Čachtice Elizabeth Bathory, and Spiš Castle is among the largest in the world. But more humble buildings also have their secrets. Wooden churches serve as examples of folk architecture and the mixing of two distinct cultures – Byzantine and Latin. Or would you prefer to visit Terchová and follow in the footsteps of the Slovak Robin Hood Juraj Jánošík?

    Unique places in nature

    Slovakia has far more natural jewels than just the majestic Tatra Mountains. The Jánošíkove diery in the Little Fatra Mountains are a true gem, featuring beautiful gorges, canyons and waterfalls. A real tourist paradise awaits you in another part of Slovakia, too. Have you already climbed the ladders in the national park Slovak Paradise?