Nine national parks, the smallest high mountain range in the world

Discover Slovak nature. Nine national parks. Majestic peaks, deep valleys and mysterious gorges. Large forests which are full of life. The Carpathians, the home of wolves, bears, lynx and chamois. The largest karst area in Central Europe with more than 6,200 caves and chasms. Crystal clear glacial lakes, peaceful lowland rivers, a paradise for birds, the blue surfaces of water reservoirs. Sand dunes and pine forests, natural travertine, formations created by volcanic activity. Unbelievable diversity in such a small area.

Use the world renowned, unique network of marked hiking paths and not only on mountain ridges. Educational paths will give you access to the most interesting places. Enjoy the countryside from a bicycle seat or a horse’s saddle. Observe untouched nature through the lens of your camera, binoculars or fishing rod. Each of the four seasons in the Slovak countryside has its own beauty.