Festival of tradition handed down

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'38'' E17°7'38''

Venue: Bratislava

Date: 2/8/2020 - 2/9/2020

Event type: theatre festival, Carnival, folklore event, gastronomic event, TOP Event, music festival, multi-genre festival, event for children, dance event, lecture, event for youth, music event, workshop

Unlike many folk cultures, Slovakia's is alive and kicking, still filled with its own poetics and dynamic esprit. A lively period of year, The Carnival prooves this every single winter. Time in the past known for its boisterousness and gaiety now brings a two-day interactive festival of traditional culture.

Before the Lent comes, the merriest time in year takes over. Masquerade balls, folk dancing and singing and processions in masks are the grounds of today's Carnival events in Slovakia.

Rich cultural resources, unique geographic location preserving various shades of temperament, natural communicativeness of music, dance and interactions with the public are the fundamental pillars on which also the project The House of Traditional Dances was built. It is regularly organised in different towns and cities across Slovakia for over 17 years. Now it comes with a unique festival for both, children and adults.

On the second weekend of February, Design factory in Bratislava will host another unique Festival of tradition handed down, a tribute to all those precious traditions preserving and depicting the way of life that have come down to us. Do not miss many interesting and interactive dance, music and creative workshops for children and adult under the leadership of the leading personalities of Slovak folk revival movement from different regions of Slovakia.

Cheerfulness expressed in dance is not enough, therefore you can look forward to interesting interactive presentations and discussions about various intangible cultural heritage phenomenons as tinkering and blueprint, interactive workshops, traditional puppet theatre, traditional cuisine or concerts.

Come over to celebrate traditions passed down from generation to generation. Spend a big time enjoying superb rhythms, fabulous music, gorgeous people, lovely food and great atmosphere. All under supervision of leading personalities of Slovak folklore movement, all for pure joy of life shown in music, sing and dance.

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