Museum of Puppet Cultures and Toys SNM Modrý Kameň Castle

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Veľký Krtíš, Modrý Kameň

GPS: N48°14'40'' E19°19'59''

The castle area comprises ruins of a 12th century Gothic castle and a Baroque manor house from 1730 that houses the museum. A Calvary, a natural reserve - Modrý kameň forest steppe and Gaštanica are located nearby.

The Museum is located in the Modrý Kameň Castle.

The museum focuses on puppet cultures and toys, their history and present standing both in Slovakia and abroad: traditional marionettes of Slovak migrant puppet makers, family puppet theatres with original decorations, artifacts from the production of Slovak professional puppet theatres after 1950, samples of foreign puppet makers from nine countries, and the evolution of children's toys up to the present day. The museum also acts as a regional museum focusing on history and ethnography.

Permanent expositions:

History and present of the Slovak puppet theatre
Toys in Slovakia in the 20th century
Findings from the Slavic-Avar burial site in Želovce
Castle underground
Outlook from the castle's bastion

Source: SNM - MBKaH hrad Modrý kameň