Wandering through sheepfolds in Liptov

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš, Bobrovec

GPS: N49°7'54'' E19°37'29''

Picturesque mountain meadows and high mountains have been an ideal environment since time immemorial for the development of shepherding in the Liptov region. As well as breeding sheep for wool, milk and milk products, shepherd’s huts produced their own specific folklore and clothing. This survives even today in a more modern form.

A flock of sheep grazing on mountain meadows is an intrinsic part of the atmosphere of the
Liptov mountain region. There was always a hut for the shepherd and a sheep pen. The head shepherd always had the last word. The other workers were a shepherd and a pointer. Shepherds’ clothing also had unique features such belts, bags or axes. Specific delicacies made from sheep’s milk have kept their place in Slovak cooking even to today. This can be seen in the interest shown in visiting sheepfolds in Liptov.

We would like to invite you to wander along the “Shepherd’s Way” and try out the unique tradition of old shepherds. The Liptov sheepfolds have retained their original appearances and traditions, and processes tried and tested over the years. You can visit the Bobrovník sheepfold on the banks of Liptovská Mara reservoir, the Lúžňan sheepfold in Liptovská Lúžna or try the beautiful view from the Gejdák agro-farm above Ružomberok. You will find traditional cuisine in Chalet of the Good Shepherd on the outskirts of the town.

The family-run sheepfold Krajinka is located near Ružomberok where sheep’s milk is processed in the traditional way by hand. The Pastierska sheepfold in Bobrovecká dolina offers tasty sheep’s cheese and bryndza. If this still isn’t enough for you, finish off your trip by stopping at the Žiar sheepfold near Smrečany. Travel the Shepherd’s Ways and discover the taste of Liptov!

Author: Branislav Chrenka, Marián Ondrišík