Pig Slaughter at the Mill

Location: Bratislavský kraj, okres Pezinok, Doľany

GPS: N48°25'16'' E17°22'17''

Venue: water mill in Doľany

Date: 2/15/2020 - 2/16/2020

Event type: Carnival, gastronomic event, event for children, event for youth, TIP

Come to Doľany the third weekend of February to enjoy the true Carnival atmosphere. Find again the joy and magic of this period with the home slaughtering delicacies, fried doughnuts and lovely local wine.

Enjoy the atmosphere of this unique winery with a story and on his own at an another of cheerful events in a hundred year barn. Look forward to the Carnival at the premises of an old mill to experience it the Little Carpathian way.

Magic of the charming Mill will touch your heart. The mill gate brings you to another century. Listen to the streamlet murmuring, take a look into the wooden barn, explore the mill itself. Beside the traditional mill technology you can also find a folk room from the 19th century. You will never forget the atmosphere of this place!

The old mill, built in the 16th century and owned by Count Pálfy of Red Stone, offers a fairy tale atmosphere and nowadays as a winery produce authentic wines with the taste of terroir.

This small family winery follows the one hundred year old tradition of its ancestors. With respect to original values the winery produces authentic wine from its own cellars located in the village estate Doľany. A great experience is not only the degustation itself, but also the tour through the original water mill.

The winery organizes several cheerful events in its hundred year barn like St. Urban's Open Wine Cellars Day or Advent at the Mill. Experience degustation of wines selected in accordance with the current season the very original way in a historical mill room or in bad weather in hundred years old barn. Delicious wine, homemade delicacies, family atmosphere and historical rooms of the mill are the reasons why many guests come back.

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