Hunting and Leisure

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'1'' E17°6'3''

Venue: Bratislava, Incheba Expo

Date: 1/23/2020 - 1/26/2020

Event type: Carnival, fair, exhibition, event for youth, TIP

Accompanying exhibition of ITF Slovakiatour and Danubius Gastro fairs in Bratislava is dedicated not only to professional hunters, but also to all lovers of nature and hiking. Friends of the hunting tradition, nature- and culture-enthusiasts wil find a lot interesting in Incheba Expo at this exhibition.

Besides rich selection of clothing and equipment for outdoor activities visitors can also look forward to the presentation of organized falconry in Slovakia as well as to the introduction of Slovak national hunting breeds, this time dedicated to celebration of 50th anniversary of Slovak Hunting Association that also will educate visitors on its history and activities.

Accompanying programme for all lovers of nature and hunting from all Slovakia as well as from abroad will be supplemented by samples of animal luring and imitation of vocalisation of birds within invitation to annual 21th European Deer Calling Championship with deer-calling performances as well as European Hunting Buglers Championship with hunting horn signals performances or introduction of Slovak national hunting breed – Slovak Rough-haired Pointer.

The Hunting and Leisure exhibition in Bratislava allows the exhibitors to inspire the hunting and nature enthusiasts in many ways when it comes to spending time in nature.

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