Anime Show

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°9'23'' E17°9'53''

Venue: Bratislava

Date: 3/23/2018 - 3/25/2018

Event type: exhibition, TOP Event, multi-genre festival, event for children, event for youth, workshop

Anime Show & Game Expo is XI. annual volume of international popculture convention with game expo. The convention in Bratislava focuses on Anime, Comics, Japanese Culture, Scifi, Fantasy and KPOP. Our event offers a rich selection of lectures, panels workshops, competitions and screenings of new movies.

It also provides meeting with writers, premiere of new books and many kinds of creative competitions as well. The expo shows computer games, console games, mobile games, board and card games, retro gaming and technologies and includes gaming competitions, lectures about games by developers and professionals, preview of new games and indie games.

The program presentation below is example of the best and most interesting things, which we present on our festival each year. The Festival offers you rich program in the genres of Anime, Comics, Japaneese culture, Games, Scifi, Fantasy, Pop culture and KPOP.

Accompanying program consists of big shows, which last 1hour more. These shows are full of excitement, fun and are the TOP things on festival taking place in the Main Cinema Hall. In 2 cinema halls we screen the best movies from scifi, fantasy, horror, comics or anime genres, which are not older than one year.

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