• 5/8/2015

    Opening of the Summer Tourist Season in Paradise

    This year is already the eighth year in which the village of Hrabušice and the Slovak Tourist Board have prepared a rich cultural programme for both domestic and foreign visitors as part of the opening of the summer tourist season.

  • 5/16/2015

    Trdlofest 2015

    A day full of "trdelník" pastry, wine and good mood awaits you again at the Trdlofest!

  • 5/22/2015 - 5/24/2015

    CIRKUL´ART – New Circus Festival

    Medical Garden in Bratislava will hold the unique Cirkul´art from 22 May - to 24 May, 2015.

  • 5/28/2015 - 5/30/2015

    Brezno Town Days

    Cultural, social, sport and entertainment activities that mark the historical anniversaries of the town. A colourful whirl of fun and dancing, singing and music. Events for all ages. A bull will be roasted in the historic town park, and the medieval atmosphere will be enhanced by fencing performances.


Places to go

  • Region Košice and its environs

    The region of Košice and its environs is situated in the east of Slovakia. Its core is the L-shaped Košická kotlina basin. This fertile and densely populated basin is surrounded by mountain ranges, which offer excellent possibilities of hiking and recreation.

  • Region of Bratislava

    The region of Bratislava is situated in the south-west of Slovakia and its southern part stretches along the Danube, follows the Slovak-Hungarian border while its western extreme traces the Morava river and simultaneously the Slovak-Austrian border. 

  • Region of Horehronie

    The beautiful landscape with typical villages around the upper reach of the Hron river lying almost in the heart of Slovakia was given the name Horehronie. The river Hron, which gave the name to the territory we are talking about, springs in the southern hillside of the majestic Kráľova hoľa Mt.

  • Tatras and Northern Spiš

    Tatranský región lying in the north of Slovakia is the most attractive tourist area of Slovakia. It consists of two subregions: Tatras and northern Spiš. The Tatras are a boundary mountain range divided into the High, Belianske and West Tatras. 


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