What is so attractive about this extreme sport? Professionals say it is a good way of relax and getting out of reality, as well as a dose of adrenaline that makes people feel free. It takes your heart immediately and you can even become addicted to it. This is what surfers in Slovakia claim and confirm.

Windsurfing is the youngest of the family of water sports. Its official origins go back to 1965 in California. It was created by combining of surfing and yachting. Today it is the fastest sport from the family of yachting sports, with the speed record of 84 km/h.

The heart of our surfing community is the SurfCentrum CANTINA near Hamuliakovo. One can practise, test new materials permanently and the instructors are available for all those interested in windsurfing and ready to give advice. The initial courses are free with the aim to address serious adepts.

The impulsive force of this sport is the wind and so it is not possible to do it everywhere. Besides the SurfCentrum CANTINA, another centre near the water reservoir Liptovská Mara (with the summer school of surfing) has also good conditions in our country. Another centre is Kráľová pri Senci where, every year, a 100 km SurfMarathon takes place. The most prestigious competition Eurosaturn Cup is held annually at Senecké jazerá (Senec Lakes).

Slovakia really has a lot of good places for recreation surfing in comparison with its neighbouring countries. Our best known water reservoirs and dams are Orava, Domaša, Zemplínska Šírava and there are also some smaller ones like Sĺňava, Ružiná, Šamorín. Slovak central WS club has a large number of its members compared to our neighbouring countries (more than 100).

Source: AdAstra Net