Veľká Domaša

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Vranov nad Topľou, Kvakovce

GPS: N49°1'7'' E21°41'49''

The green pearl of eastern Slovakia – the water reservoir Veľká Domaša, built on the river Ondava, is situated in the mountains Ondavská vrchovina. Warm climate of the lake favours water sports and fishing.

Apart from wonderful landscape with peaceful nooks, the lake attracts tourists because of its clear water with admirable self-cleaning capacity where 23 fish species live. Bathing and water sports can be pursued in five recreation villages Valkov-Tíšava, Dobrá, Poľany, Holčíkovce and Nová Keľča situated on its shores.

Every centre offers accommodation in a hotel, boarding house or camping facilities. Tidy beaches, rentals of sport ecquippment, playgrounds, restaurants and kiosks with quick food offer complete services. The new artificial beach next to the stone weir in Nová Keľča introduced recently is one of the most visited spots.

The water temperature in Veľká Domaša is 23 °C – ideal for swimming while fans of windsurfing also find good conditions here.

A busy night life in summer months in various discoteques or dance halls is refreshed by popular events such as the election of Miss Domaša.

Source: Dajama