Thermalpark Šírava

Location: Košický kraj, okres Michalovce, Kaluža

GPS: N48°48'12'' E22°0'10''

Thermalpark Šírava is a modern thermal park on the shores of the Zemplínska šírava dam in the village of Kaluža. It is situated on a picturesque peninsula called Medvedia hora (Bear Mountain), which is considered one of the most beautiful places at Zemplínska šírava.

The Water World includes 3 main pools: a wave and swimming pool, a relaxation and massage pool, and a special pool for children under 5 years old. The wave pool simulates sea waves, the relaxation pool has numerous massage jets (for the back, calves, etc.), and the massage pool offers numerous seating massage jets as well as hydromassage for the whole body on water massage loungers.

Besides the pools, the Thermalpark Šírava offers attractions such as a long and short slide, wild river, rocking bay, playground for children, and many others. After relaxing in the water, you can enjoy a meal at the Thermalpark’s own restaurant. There are many loungers to take a rest on. On the first floor, there is a quiet zone for visitors looking for a peaceful environment.

Zemplínska šírava and its surroundings are home to many interesting places that are worth visiting. The protected region of the volcanic mountain range Vihorlat Hills is crisscrossed with hiking and biking trails leading to the Vinianske lake, Morské oko lake, and the Viniansky Castle ruins. Tokaj, a gem among wine-growing regions, is not only beautiful, but also offers exquisite wines.

Source: Thermalpark Šírava