The Čičmany Carnival

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Žilina, Čičmany

GPS: N48°57'25'' E18°31'1''

Venue: Čičmany

Date: 2/22/2020

Event type: theatre festival, Carnival, folklore event, gastronomic event, exhibition, event for children, dance event, event for youth, TIP

Famous for its folk patterns and motifs, marvelous village of Čičmany has attracted the attention of tourists for decades and its ornaments have made it even to the clothes of Slovak Olympic athletes. The Carnival folklore show with music, singing and dance will bring back customs of the past to this lovely place.

Čičmany is precious evidence of Slovakia's efforts to renew, protect and present traditional folk architecture and is well worth a visit. The Carnival with plenty of tasty Slovak food and home-made spirits in a cheerful atmosphere is perhaps the best occasion to visit the colourful open-air museum in spectacular mountainous sceneries.

In Shrovetide, impressions of this beautiful place well-known for the white designs painted on its wooden houses, will even increase thanks to cultural performances for Čičmany visitors. Located in dense forests far from trade centres, the settlement not only chose wood as its basic building material but also developed a special way of life that you can get familiar with this February.

The carnival procession and famous "turoň" are some of main highlights Čičmany are known for in the Carnival season. The real traditional spirit of the Carnival can be observed only in the countryside and cosy village unique for its ornamented wooden houses proves this every year. The celebration usually takes place the weekend before Ash Wednesday. Lots of folk music, traditional dances, beautiful Slovak clothes, wearing masks and much more will take you back in time to enjoy the purity of local folklore. Not only children will be charmed.

Experience the ancestors' lives through unique folklore traditions. Explore this little charming village full of traditions during Carnival, enjoy its culture, learn traditions, meet the locals, try the traditional food, please yourself buying a unique souvenir, eventually book an accommodation and the most of all relax in the beautiful scenery of the Strážov Hills.

Web: Municipality of Čičmany