St. Michael's Fair in the Museum of the Slovak Village

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Martin, Martin

GPS: N49°2'19'' E18°55'43''

Venue: Museum of the Slovak Village

Date: 9/29/2019

Event type: folklore event, gastronomic event, religious event, market, exhibition, event for children, event for youth, music event, workshop, Dožinky

The September 29th in the museum will be dedicated to the Feast of St. Michael and traditional annual fair of folk producers and craftsmen from the northwest Slovakia and other regions. Belonging to most favourite events of the 29th Ethnological Year in the premises of the Museum of the Slovak Village, this is another thematic Sunday reflecting to traditional country life, everyday activities and occupations.

The Museum of the Slovak Village in Martin is the largest ethnographic open-air exposition in Slovakia. For this event, exhibition displaying 129 housing, farming, technological, social and sacral building structures from Orava, Liptov, Kysuce and Turiec regions turns into real craftsmen village.

For decades, the museum has been organizing programme events to mark the Ethnographic Year showcasing samples of traditional folk production, handicrafts, customs and folklore in line with customs and folklore traditions of the individual regions of northwestern Slovakia. They include celebrations such Shrovetide Will Be Over Soon, Easter in the Countryside, the erection of maypoles Love in the Countryside, Let’s Get to Know Each Other, Children's Sunday, Turiec Folklore Festival, On the Day of St. John, Turiec Harmonica, Flax Sunday, a ball on the Name Day of Saint Anne, Liptov Sunday, Harvest Festival, St. Michael's Fair, When the Winter Asks You and Christmas as it used to be celebrated in the countryside.

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