Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Piešťany, Piešťany

GPS: N48°33'22'' E17°49'21''

A popular summer holiday resort, the water reservoir Sĺňava, is next to the world famous spa Piešťany situated in west of Slovakia.

Sĺňava enjoys an elevated number of days with sunshine a year. Two car camping sites – Camping Pullmann a Camping Lodenica, several boarding houses, sport equipment rentals and numerous other services for tourists are located next to the water reservoir. Fans of rowing or windsurfing will find the lake ideal for their sports. Many will be surprised that there is a complete facility for water ski in the bay Ratnovská during summer months.  

Several sports events are organized here such as the kayak, rowing or canoe races. Boats anchored next to the Kolonádový most bridge in Piešťany regularly take tourists to sightseeing around the dam.

A 12 km long lane for pedestrians and cyclists runs around the dam. Fishing is also possible here.

Part of the reservoir is the artificial island made here for birds. It is the protected Nature Reserve. Rare species of birds nest here.

Source: Dajama