Skalka arena

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Žiar nad Hronom, Kremnica

GPS: N48°44'23'' E18°59'21''

The Skalka arena is situated in the Kremnické vrchy mountain range in the Turiec – Kremnicko region. Thanks to its high altitude (1,252 m), and its location with high snowfall, the Skalka arena is also nicknamed the “only Slovak glacier”.

The resort offers 5.6 km of downhill skiing slopes (of which 4.8 km have artificial snow), a four-seater chairlift, 4 ski-tows and the largest cross-country skiing grounds in Slovakia.

One of the main attractions for skiers and snowboarders is the medium difficulty “Pekná vyhliadka” piste with its length of 1,050 m, altitude change of 247 m and a unique width of 80 to 120 metres. The Skalka arena also offers two easy pistes for beginners as well as more difficult terrain for advanced skiers.

The resort's slopes are dominated by the 300 metre-high Suchá hora radio transmitter, the second highest building in Slovakia.

Cross-country skiing

The extensive cross-country skiing grounds are a unique feature of the Skalka arena ski resort. The total length of the regularly maintained cross-country tracks is over 50 km. The tracks are maintained not only before weekends and bank holidays, but short sections are also maintained during the week, depending on the weather conditions.

The tracks are suitable for beginner and advanced cross-country skiers. A 1.8 km-long floodlit cross-country track is available daily from 6 pm to 9 pm for evening skiing.


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