Paragliding is one of the youngest air sports which are able to provide people what the nature cannot provide them - flying. The feeling of the free flight is very intense and cannot be compared to anything else. Slovakia, thanks to its mountainous surface, offers very good conditions for this beautiful sport.

Paragliding (flying with parachute gliders) depends on the weather. Especially middle mountainous areas in the regions of Liptov, Kysuce and Orava, the mountain ranges Západné Tatry (Bobrovec, Baranec) and The Low Tatras (Chopok, Kráľova Hoľa…) and Veľká Fatra (Donovaly, Malinné….) and Malá Fatra (Martinské Hole, Stoh, Veľký Kriváň…) are ideal. Among the best terrains are those in higher altitudes which make it possible to fly to a distance of several kilometres. The best conditions for paragliding are offered by Donovaly thanks to the good weather conditions and accessibility of the tops of the mountains by a seat cableway. It is here that the international championship in paragliding is held.

Whether you wish to learn how to fly or just try flying, you can choose courses of flying which take several days or a one-day trial course. If you are afraid of getting into the parachute on your own, you can try a tandem flight together with a professional instructor.

In Slovakia there are several paragliding schools, so it is no problem to enrol in any of the above mentioned courses. All you need is courage and you can start for unforgettable experiences that paragliding brings.