Natura vinum Košice 2014

Location: Košický kraj, Košice

GPS: N48°43'13'' E21°15'40''

Venue: Old Synagogue

Date: 5/24/2014 - 5/25/2014

Event type: gastronomic event

The first Natura Vinum festival introduces a unique festival concept and a chance to spend 24 and 25 May 2014 getting to know the stories and the art of 12 Central European winemakes who share traditional, ‘authentic’ methods of wine production, reflecting the true beauty of nature and her gifts.

Traditional ‘authentic‘ production methods are what all these winemakes have in common, respecting their predecessors, the soil, vineyard and, naturally, their customers and themselves. It is this respect for the nature rather than artificial ingredients that has made their wines so special. They taste of the true values, the humble work and faith of the invited winemakers, who will be happy to present their wines to you personally.

Natura Vinum Košice festival features 12 winemakers from four countries – Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria.


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