Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Medzilaborce, Medzilaborce

GPS: N49°16'19'' E21°54'10''

The small town of MEDZILABORCE is located in north-eastern Slovakia and takes pride in the first museum in Europe named after Andy Warhol, the famous global pop-art icon.

MEDZILABORCE (6 700 inhabitants)  lies in the north-eastern part of Slovakia, at an altitude of 326 meters. It is located at the confluence of Laborec and Vydraňka, in the picturesque nature of Laborecká vrchovina under the ridges of the Nízke Beskydy mountain range. The natural resources give ideal conditions for tourism, cyclotourism, ski running, skiing and other activities.

The Medzilaborce figure today as administrative, cultural, recreational and sports event centre of the district. The city is included in the administration of the Prešov region, which has a significant  ethnic minority of Rusin and Ukrainian population. The Festival of Sports and Culture is held every year in June. A project called Warhol City – A change of city image, financed by the European Union, is underway.


The oldest written mention of the city that has been conserved dates back to the year 1543.
The city houses a number of interesting monuments, which are worth visiting:
Andy Warhol’s Museum is the only one in Europe. A dominant feature is the statue of Andy Warhol with a fountain, standing in front of the museum.
Church of Holy Spirit – an orthodox Slavic temple built in 1949 in an old Russian renaissance style.
Church of St. Basil the Great – a Greek-Catholic church built at the end of the 18th century in classicist style.
A Czech Retinue memorial from the first world war
A monument for the soldiers fallen in the first world war
A monument for the soldiers fallen in the second world war


Monastery in Krásny Brod from the 14th century, recreational ski resort Danová, the Lupkowský tunnel, memorial monument in Kalinovo, protected nature areas Palotské jedliny, Pod Demjatou, Haburské rašelinisko, Mokré lúky pod Čertižným, Jarčiská and Beskyd.

Source: Ing. Slavomír Fecura