Malý Dunaj

Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Trnava, Bučany

GPS: N48°23'40'' E17°43'18''

A popular and very undemanding river is the Malý Dunaj flowing in the south-west of Slovakia. It runs around the inland island  Žitný ostrov and flows into the Váh river near  Kolárovo.

The whole of its length is navigable from Vrakuňa (urban district of Bratislava) as far as Kolárovo. It is one of the calm streams and needs more paddling than the rest of the Slovak rivers. The Malý Dunaj provides silent nooks in stationary water, visits to historic water mills, but above all the charming natural setting of the alluvial forest. Refreshing bathing in cool water of the river and camping on its banks can make the trip down the Malý Dunaj a perfectly romantic holiday.

Source: Vydavateľstvo DAJAMA