Location: Bratislavský kraj, okres Malacky, Malacky

GPS: N48°26'11'' E17°1'6''

Situated in the center of the southern part of the Záhorská Plain (Záhorská nížina), the town of MALACKY is a significant economic, administrative and cultural centre of the area. The Morava river flows west of the town and the Little Carpathians stretch on the east.

The contemporary town of MALACKY (18,439 inhabitants) is a centre of an oil-gas industrial complex, engineering, furniture and food industry as well as a town of sports.

Malacky is a significant cultural centre of Záhorie. Throughout the year, it organizes miscellaneous exhibitions, concerts, folklore performances and sports events regularly attracting a lot of visitors. The most famous are the Malacky`s Music Spring in March, the First May Malacky, the Culture Summer, the Advent Malacky (November-December), and others.  


The first written evidence on the municipality is found in a deed of donation from Ondrej II, the Hungarian King from 1206. The name of the town originates in the Malica river`s nickname – Malicka.  

Malacky had been owned by several families like Szerédy`s, Salma`s, Fugger`s, and Ballas`. After the Ballas family had died off in 1622, the town was overtaken by the Pállfys for 300 years. In the 19th century, Malacky experienced rapid development - the market and fair rights were extended, a factory for wool-cloth production, as well as a saw mill, a brick factory, a distillery and a factory for soap production were established.


As regards architectural monuments, the originally Renaisance mansion is of great value. Built in 1624, it was reconstructed in the Classicist style in 1808. The mansion is surrounded by a large English park with rare wood species. The Franciscan Church consecrated to Immaculate Virgin Mary`s Conception from 1653 is another attraction. It has four towers and a valuable atelier. The main church altar from 1720 is a master piece of wood carving made by the Italian master Sagen. Other attractions include the Baroque organ from 1729 and an epitaph to the palatine Mikuláš Pállfy from 1741. People interested in history will certainly visit the Museum of Michal Tillner, which is an independent professional workplace of the Zahorské Culture Centre in Malacky. It was established in 1975 in a reconstructed water-mill from the late 18th century.

Author: Grellnethová

Source: Mesto Malacky