Location: Nitriansky kraj, okres Levice, Levice

GPS: N48°13'9'' E18°36'4''

The centre of the regions of lower Pohronie and western Poiplie is the district town LEVICE, situated in the immediate vicinity of the old Castle of Levice, the dominant of the town.

LEVICE (population 36,500) is now a modern town focusing above all on food processing industry. The town has its lively cultural and social life all year long. The “Levice Castle Days” in June and the traditional Levice Fair in October are the most visited events in Levice.


The first written reference to Levice is from 1156. History of the settlement which was closely connected to the existence of the Levický hrad Castle was again mentioned in a document from 1318. In 1388, the expanding Nové Levice that belonged to the Levický hrad Castle estates already had the market right and the toll collection right. Besides two markets, each lasting a week, big annual fairs were held there since 1615.


The most important dominant of the town is the Levický hrad Castle from the end of the 13th century. Its conserved ruins and somewhat younger small fortified structures on the lower castle grounds known as the Dobóovský kaštieľ (Manor House of Dobó) are the witnesses to the famous history of the Castle.

Today the Castle houses the Tekovské múzeum (Museum of Tekov) which contains archaeological, historic and ethnographic collections, as well as collections related to national geography and nature that have been gathered in the region. 

Other important sights in the town include 100-year old buildings around the Námestie hrdinov square (Klain`s House, Municipal Office – former Town Hall building, "Calvinist Yard", Jozefček`s House, Knapp`s House, Burgher House, the Lev Hotel and the building of the Former Teacher-Training College soaring above the square. A dominant feature of the town of considerable importance is also Schoeller`s Mill. The sacral area of the Calvary (Kalvária) has recently been reconstructed. It offers a splendid view of the town centre, the Castle and the town environs. As for other sacral monuments in the town, there is the Church of St. Michael Archangel, the Roman Catholic Church of St. Joseph, the Calvinist Church and the Synagogue. A Roman Church with a matroneum from the 12th century is situated in the Kalinčiakovo town district.


The Recreational centre Margita-Ilona, in the Kalinčiakovo town district, is a nice place for relax. Hiking devotees can enjoy a tour in Horšianska dolina valley (National Nature Reserve). This nature reserve offers romantic quiet places with 20-30 m high rock faces. Rock dwellings in Brhlovce, Water Mill in Bohunice or Franz Schubert Memorial Room in Želiezovce are external workplaces of the Tekov Museum.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama, Mestský úrad Levice