Horehronie Region Card

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Brezno, Brezno

GPS: N48°48'22'' E19°38'38''

The discount card HOREHRONIE Region Card provides to visitors, by means of the accompanying painted map, the most important information about Horehronie - a picturesque region at the heart of Slovakia which is extremely rich in natural beauty, tourist attractions, history and culture. Moreover, it saves a considerable amount of money to visitors.

The card can be purchased according to the applicable price list from 2 to 10 EUR, depending on the location of accommodation. The card can be claimed by every visitor who will stay in Horehronie at least one night at a contractual partner.

The card contains two types of discounts, namely fixed and sojourning discounts. The fixed discounts are valid for six months from the issuance of the card and the sojourning cards are valid only for the period of the stay and the amount of the "sojourning" discounts depends on the duration of stay in Horehronie.

The biggest advantages of the card:
- Discount on admission to the driving range at the golf course Gray Bear, Ski, Golf & Hotel Resort Tale
- Discount on various sport activities at Hotel Stupka ***, Hotel Partizan ****, Hotel Bystra ***, Hotel Myto *** and Guest-house Adika
- Discount on bike rentals in Rocky Mountain Bike World Jasna
- Discount on admission to "Jaskyna mrtvych netopierov" (Cave of Dead Bats)
- Discount on rafting on the River Hron at Boat4you Nemecka
- Discount on selected medical procedures in Spa Brusno
- Discounts on entrance to the wellness center in the Hotel Partizan ****, Hotel Bystra ***, Hotel Myto *** and Guest-house Adika
- Discounts on selected medical procedures in Sanatorium Johanka, Bystra
- Discount on all-day and two-day travel tickets on Ciernohronska Railway
- Discount on admission and photography in the Castle of Slovenska Lupca
- Discount on guiding services in Dobrocsky prales ("Primeval Forest of Dobroc")
- Discount on horse and pony riding on a farm in Ajax, Myto pod Dumbierom
- Discount on admission to Horehronske Museum, Brezno

Source: Nízke Tatry Juh