Honey Kvass Festival

Location: Trnavský kraj, okres Trnava, Smolenice

GPS: N48°30'37'' E17°26'14''

Venue: Smolenice

Date: 10/20/2018

Event type: gastronomic event, event for youth, TIP

Lovely burgers, honey lemonades, flavorful crêpes just a few steps from fabulous Smolenice Castle at the foothills of Little Capatianhs near its highest peak of Záruby? Yep, on Saturday 20th of October in the premises of Včelovina Meadery.

Do you like discovering new tastes? If so, it is guaranteed that you will be enchanted by the magnificence of the royal drink - mead. A good quality of honey, water, yeast and a masterful job - it is a secret of the best world mead that was in 2003 also awarded in Apimondia. It is not a surprise that to produce one bottle bees must fly up to 70.000 kilometres. In Včelovina Meadery they will share with the experience of the taste of the famous "liquid gold" at the autumn festival dedicated to products of mead.

An unique combination of the best mead and pleasant environment waits for you the third weekend of October near Smolenice. Taste various kinds of meads produced at the meadery, have a sip of hot mead whle enjoying the view of the castle from a terrace, enjoy a burger, have a portion of crêpes, refresh yourselves with honey lemonades and try local mead beer, cider, homemade strudel, fine coffee or other delicacies.

Discover beauties hidden in Little Carpathians, a land of quality sweet mead, one of the best not only Slovak but even world meads that combins tradition with quality.

Web: Včelovina Meadery