Cap á l´Est (August)

Location: Banskobystrický kraj, okres Banská Štiavnica, Banská Štiavnica

GPS: N48°27'31'' E18°53'35''

Cap á l´est - it is a unique European festival of poetry, theatre and music that takes place in Banská Štiavnica every year. The unique combination of culture genres of traditional as well as alternative nature interpreted by both domestic and foreign performers gives the event a hallmark of multilingualism and multiculturalism.

The festival consists of various discussions, concerts, author`s readings with music accompaniment, film and documentary performances, debates or meetings with artists, and it is open for all nations, languages and beliefs every year.

Cap á l´est offers the opportunity to discover literary and cultural wealth from various countries in order to enable and facilitate the dialogue of cultures meeting, for example, in unique multilingual performances. As the festival was established with support and on the initiative of several French institutions, its goal is to develop relations between francophone and Slavic countries. 

The summer festival outlined as the way through time and space is annually devoted to other country or nation, and the diversity of nations meeting at the festival contributes to its original and exceptional spirit. It is also underlined by the host town – a picturesque Banská Štiavnica.

Author: IC Banská Bystrica

Source: Capalest