BUBO Ball – Camera Slovakia

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'1'' E17°6'3''

Venue: Bratislava, Incheba Expo

Date: 1/25/2020 - 1/26/2020

Event type: Carnival, gastronomic event, fair, exhibition, film festival, event for children, lecture, event for youth, TIP

During weekend at ITF Slovakiatour in Bratislava, the festival of travel films BUBO Ball – Camera Slovakia will offer experience from all corners of the world. Mystic Asia, exotic Latin America, wild Africa, tough Australia, and cool Antarctica. Almost 200 countries of the world will be presented through films, multimedia presentations and photographs from the best Slovak travellers. Prepare yourselves for two days in the company of Experience Hunters.

Alongside national regions and neighbouring countries the ITF Slovakiatour fair will also offer huge amount of exotics. The whole spirit of traveling will be suitably complemented by the 17th festival of travel movies BUBO Ball - Camera Slovakia event. Brazil, Vietnam, Seychelles and many others will inspire everyone who craves for warm, sun and sea. The beauties of the distant countries will be brought to visitors in Bratislava by this extraordinary festival.

For 26 years in a row BUBO Travel Agency have brought top quality information in Slovakia regarding the traveling topic. While the audience consists of eager and educated people, amongst guests and projecting people in last editions were popular persons like Adela Banášová, Mikuláš Dzurinda, Boris Filan, František Kele, Ivan Mikloš, Jozef Banáš and many others. The director of the festival is the only Slovak who put his feet on both poles and visited the birth place of three world religions - Mecca, Bethlehem and Lumpini. Meet Ľuboš Fellner. The high quality of the event is also proved by this year’s programme – exhibitions of the best photographers of Slovakia and screenings of experienced people who have lots to tell, and this festival gives a great opportunity to meet them in person.

You will learn about vaccination necessary for exotic travels, which destinations are trendy and where to hurry before it all gets changed; take a trip to see cannibals in Papua New Guinea or join an expedition for eagle hunters to Mongolia.

BUBO Ball in Incheba Bratislava is the biggest travel festival when it comes to number of visitors and range of photographic exhibitions, also attracting the highest amount of foreign visitors who come to Bratislava only because of the festival. The screenings bring to the snowy Bratislava the newest information and experience from regions of the whole world.

Professionals that live for traveling will show the visitors all interesting corners of our planet. During the whole festival, two cinema halls will screen movies about travels across all continents including the travel classic as well as first trip countries and unique expeditions. The BUBO Ball will host the most experienced travellers from Slovakia who will advise on where to travel safely in 2020.

Through films, images and engaging stories the travellers will take the visitors closer to many interesting corners of the world. One place will cover all continents and vast majority of world's countries.

BUBO Ball takes place once in a year, this time on 25th January and 26th January. The travel festival is a non-commercial event whose only aim is to develop the Slovak traveling and exploring. Do not hesitate to support the organizers in this activity, whether it is via visit of the festival or interview with the organizers on travel topics. You are supporting a good thing. Moreover, each visitor has a chance to win a flight to any corner of the world, exclusive trilogy from Ľuboš Fellner or annual ticket to screenings of the BUBO guides.

The festival of travel films Camera Slovakia aka Bubo Ball is a very popular part of the Bratislava's ITF Slovakiatour fair. Professionals for who traveling means life will once again educate visitors on all the interesting corners of our world and tell their stories through films, photographs and storytelling.

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