Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš, Liptovský Mikuláš

GPS: N49°5'0'' E19°36'45''

The Belá is a typical little mountain river in the north of Slovakia with a narrow muddy riverbed and great inclination in its upper reaches. Starting by the mouth of the Račkovský potok brook, its banks are shallow with a wide gravel channel which often changes in time of floods.

Rafting down the Belá is only recommended to fit and experienced rafters. Rafting on this river is only possible when there are favourable conditions for rafting, which is from late April to the end of May. The optimum water level for rafts is 65 cm at minimum, to be recorded at the water level gauge Podbanské. Rafting is permitted from 15th April to 30th September.

The section from Podbanské as far as the point where the Belá flows into the Váh below Liptovský Hrádok is used for rafting. The upper part of the riverbed is narrow and the stream, which is extremely fierce here, poses a great risk only experienced rafters can cope with. Beginners should rather start in Pribylina.

The Belá is a mountain river which means that the conditions can abruptly change depending on the weather. While in a raft, it is necessary to wear a helmet and a life jacket. In addition, as the average water temperature is 4.5 °C, special neoprene suits are also recommended. You can borrow complete rafting equipment and neoprene suits and arrange services of experienced instructors that will guide you through many water rapids and natural obstacles with the scenery of the Tatras all around you.

The combination of the cold water and a comfortable thermal swimming pool is very attractive; however, the combination of rafting with skiing in the spring in Jasná or at Štrbské Pleso, all of it at just one weekend, is also a unique experience.

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama, RaftingAdventure s.r.o.