An Old Flame Never Dies

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Dolný Kubín, Oravský Podzámok

GPS: N49°15'42'' E19°21'31''

Venue: Orava Castle

Date: 2/15/2020

Event type: theatre festival, exhibition, historic event, Valentín, event for youth, music event, TIP

The first event of 2020 in Orava Museum prepared for visitors of the dominant of historical Orava region will show you the romantic side of the medieval Orava Castle. With historical wedding dresses exhibition, theatrical performance and old romantic melodies, these evening tours are dedicated to love theme proving the old flame never dies.

Discover in love mood styled castle overlooking the countryside. Come to Orava Region landmark to enjoy attractions of this special evening in a unique winter atmosphere.

Fantastic 150th anniversary was celebrated in 2018 at Orava Museum. One of Slovakia's oldest museums was founded in 1868 at Orava Castle by Count Edmund Zichy, the director of then Orava compossessorate. Annualy, there are over 289 thousands people visiting all 9 expositions of the museum.

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