Zemplínska Šírava is coming alive! All year round!

Location: Košický kraj, okres Michalovce, Kaluža

GPS: N48°48'13'' E22°0'6''

In June 2014, a European-standard water world was opened on Zemplínska Šírava with healthy geothermal water with a temperature of 36°C. Now a wellness centre spread of 800 m2 is being added.

Water in the Thermalpark Šírava is taken from a depth of 920 m. Its composition is the same as the water in the Sobrance spa, which has healing properties on the motor apparatus, skin diseases and gynaecological problems.

The Thermalpark Šírava is open all year round. The water world has seven pools and water attractions such as a wave pool, swinging tide, wild river, a relaxation and massage pool, whirlpools, slides and a children's pool.

All the swimming-pools are made of stainless steel. The pool with geothermal water has a constant flow of water. Water is always entering and leaving the pool. The water in pool has the same temperature as when it is taken from the bore-hole without any further modifications.

What's new?

In the new wellness centre, sauna lovers will find not only a Finnish sauna, but also a herbal, steam and infra sauna, Kneipp foot bath and pool, a relaxation zone, as well as a meeting zone suitable for training courses or presentations.

During the construction of the Wellness centre, great emphasis was placed on hygiene and the quality of the saunas. For example, in the steam sauna each seat has its own shower to ensure the maximum cleanliness of the seating surface. There is no need to leave the steam sauna, you can cool down in the cooling showers within the steam sauna itself.

The Finnish sauna is a space where sauna programmes will take place under the leadership of trained sauna masters. The programme aims to increase the effect of the sauna by bringing warm air directly onto the person enjoying the sauna. This is a novelty which must be tried out. It enables the body to be detoxed more actively by sweating.

Source: Thermal park Šírava