Wizarding University

Location: Žilinský kraj, okres Liptovský Mikuláš, Liptovská Sielnica

GPS: N49°8'9'' E19°30'43''

Venue: Liptovská Sielnica

Date: 11/3/2018

Event type: gastronomic event, event for children, TIP, workshop

Do you wish to become a wizard? At Liptov's Villa Betula, they are looking for new apprentices to the adventurous Wizarding University! If you like the spells and a white magic, if you have no fear of the unknown, if you're not afraid of a paranormal phenomena and want to experience the big excitement that you will never forget, come to join the team at this unique site.

An experiential learning with competitions and a magical animation program is waiting for you in Liptov region.


  • The solemn enrollment of the apprentices - registration of participants of Wizarding University
  • The Wizarding carriage and the black horses - an experienced carriage ride with the black horses
  • Cooking the magic potion - preparation of a miraculous drink from all the ingredients that apprentices will bring
  • Magic in the workshop - production of the magical decorations
  • The Dog Wizards - the cheerful tricks of the canisterapeutic dogs Darco and Happy
  • Conquering the fortress Babyland - the adventurous tasks and combat barriers for the apprentices and their parents
  • Competitive fashion show - performing wizarding robes and the competition for the most original costume
  • Hag´s dance with the bubbles - wizarding minidisco with a magic bubble machine
  • Wizarding decrees - handing over apprenticeship decrees
  • Miracle table with goodies - the endless table with snacks and goodies for apprentices

Please note that number of apprentices in Wizarding University is limited, so do not hesitate to send an application form as soon as possible. Already today you can pack a wizarding stick, a magic hat and a magic coat. Then just simply enyjoy your magical Saturday at Liptov.

Source: Rezort Villa Betula

Web: Villa Betula Resort