With a sweet "potato" along Slovak route 66

Central Slovakia, these are royal cities with a rich mining history, diverse natural beauties, and also delicious flavors full of experiences. Do you know how current Kremnica gold is "mined" and what is the secret ingredient of Martin´s lepenec?

In the footsteps of sweet Kremnica gold

Golden. Kremnica received such an epithet thanks to the carat wealth it hides in its bowels and its mining, which began here in the 10th century. Come and see for yourself how many fascinating stories the city abounds, and choose a tasty excursion mosaic from its offer of experiences.

Book a guided tour of the historic center with a wine tasting and famous Kremnica specialty. The unusual journey through the history of Kremnica is truly authentic and will engage all your senses. With your guide Martin Varhaňovský, you will look into the Gothic cellars, which are carefully hidden, taste five local wines, and see the sabering of the champagne bottle. You will taste not only wines but also a unique local dessert: Atkáry's „kremnický krumpel“ (potato-shaped dessert). The traditional production of confectionery, the secret recipe of which dates back to the beginning of the last century, has been restored and you can taste it directly in the factory of Atkáry´s kremnický krumpel. You will find a replica of Alojz Atkár's confectionery workshop, which will amaze you at first glance, on the floor of the city's cultural and information center. Enter the "klumpiareň" (potato-shaped dessert workshop) and see with your own eyes how new Kremnica gold is "mined" here under the hands of experienced confectioners.

The mosaic of stories of the golden city is inevitably complemented by the Museum of Coins and Medals and the mint, which has been in continuous operation for almost seven centuries. They will tell you how the world-famous gold ducats from Kremnica were minted here, as well as modern coins for Slovenia, Estonia, and the countries of Latin America. In Štôlna Andrej (mining tunnel Andrej), you will descend with a headlamp and a hand lamp into the dark underground 60 meters below the surface, wherein an authentic mine environment you will be shown the hard work of the miners and the shimmering gold in the quartz vein. You will be amazed by various ceramic figurines, strange paintings, or an army of garden gnomes in the eccentric Kitsch Museum, and in the Alley of Famous Noses, you will get to know the most famous Slovak humorists. The European festival of humor and satire Kremnické gagy (Kremnica gags/jokes) takes place in the city every year. By the way, if you bring a kitsch object to the museum, you are guaranteed free entry.

On the milky way to Ľupča romance

For a high-quality gastronomic experience, it is worth traveling to Hiadlovsky Farm in Slovenská Ľupča. The dairy family farm, which has been here since 1992 and now employs three generations, is known for producing honest regional products. Come here to taste their delicious cheeses, especially the special one named Hiadlovec, which is one of the main ingredients in the delicacy called lepenec (delicacy with minced meat and cheese) cooked by farmer Martin. And be sure to taste the quality wines that will complement the rich flavors of their cheese offer. Add to that watching the star-studded night sky and the result is a magical evening.

Ľupča Castle is just around the corner. The sensitively reconstructed building hides several surprises - in addition to sculptural art, there is also an escape passage from the bottom of the deep castle well. You can ride here on electric scooters, which you can rent at the modern information center right in the village, as well as the ferrata sets and helmets. Take advantage of it and get in shape on the newly opened ferrata Pamir on Driekyňská skala (Driekynska rock). We recommend recharging your batteries for further experiences in the form of good coffee and cake in Mníchov dvor (Monk courtyard). A stop in an ancient courtyard with a cellar from 1826 will be especially appreciated by adventurers crossing the country along Slovak route 66. Its 330 km will show you magical places in Slovakia that ordinary tourists don't know about. You will discover the Slovak Great Wall of China in Pečenice, the Chmarošský viaduct that looks like you are in a Harry Potter movie, the travertine baths of Roman soldiers in Dudince, the Tesarska gorge reminiscent of the Grand Canyon or the Hohenlohe presidential castle in Tatranská Javorina.

Photos: OOCR Stredné Slovensko