Wine Museum Prešov

Location: Prešovský kraj, okres Prešov, Prešov

GPS: N48°59'50'' E21°14'21''

Museum’s exhibition is located in 500-year-old two-storey cellars below the town hall and presents especially bottled wines from all corners of the world, complemented by three-dimensional exhibits presenting wine-making technology as well as vine growing.

The collection currently includes approximately 2000 kinds of wine from around the world. Wines can be tasted or bought directly in the museum shop. 

The exhibition is further complemented by a photo gallery presenting all known vine varieties used in wine making. A separate section has been dedicated to the Tokaj area that presents the technology used to produce Tokaj wine.

The prestigious MUVINA international wine exhibition is organised by the museum each year and is held under the auspices of the Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).

Source: Múzeum vín Prešov