What can Smolenice offer

From the tower of the romantic castle, from the fort Molpír, or from any of the surrounding hills you will have a view of the picturesque village situated in the foothills of the mountains Little Carpathians. On the edge of Trnava valley lies the village Smolenice which offers a wide variety of leisure activities for its visitors.

From the village it is possible to enter close hills Čierna skala, Veterlín, Havranica and the highest peak of the Malé Karpaty Záruby soaring 767 metres above sea level.

The hiking path of Smolenice kras takes in the national cultural heritage of the site Molpír (400 m above sea level), the natural reservation of Hlboča valley of a size of 123 hectors with the only waterfall of the Malé Karpaty of a height of 9 metres. Part of this natural reservation includes the national natural treasure of the Driny cave. Next to the cave there is a recreation site Jahodník, where there are cabins, restaurant, swimming pool, camping and horse riding all available.

Museum Molpír in Smolenice offers samples of the flora and fauna of the Malé Karpaty and archeological findings from the site Molpír, where primeval dwellings were discovered including the tribes of thrakian-scythian remains, celtic remains, and remains of the Great Moravian settlements.

On a little hill there is Smolenice Castle, originally a look out tower possibly built in the 14th centaury to protect the routes of the Malé Karpaty and the Czech trade route. At the start of the 20th century the Pálffy family started to build a modern family seat according to the projects of the architect J. Hubert. The romantic settings of the castle are highlighted by the wide surrounding parks and meadows, the beauty of which can be enjoyed during the summer months thanks to viewing tower of the castle.

Follow the footsteps of its extraordinary natural wealth, taste local specialities and sweet mead in the village fated with the count family Pálffy and the inventor of parachute Štefan Banič. Romantic footpaths and touristic routes around the Pearl of Little Carpathianas are waiting just for you.

Author: Marián Ondrišík