Water skiing

This discipline is the king of water sports and it has been very popular for a long time. It has two forms - traditional skiing pulled by a powered boat and skiing behind a tow, the latter being a more relaxing and financially more attractive form.

The centres of water skiing are in Košice na Jazere /May-October/ and in the Areál vodných športov (the area of water sports) in Sĺňava pri Piešťanoch /July-August/. Here you can rent the equipment and get advice from the people of the club. The beginners are recommended a tow; the more advanced skiers can be pulled by a boat. You can do this in Blatné pri Senci, Ružín, Bukovec and Čaňa near Košice. The Košice centre has been the scene of the world championship twice.

The Association of Water Skiing unites 8 clubs. Each of the clubs is unique and has different conditions. 

Our race skiers start to train as early as at elementary schools. They achieve good results in Slovak and European competitions, where Slovakia is one of the leading countries, although we have not had the gold medal yet.

A beginner at this sport can address the clubs. The equipment can be rented in a rental office. Every year the viewers can look forward to several prestigious races (Grand Prix).

Source: AdAstra Net