Vintage of the Malé Karpaty

The second half of September associates with grape harvest. The best known is the Vintage of the Malé Karpaty in Bratislava-Rača, Pezinok and Modra. It is above all celebration of the work of local vine growers and their products - the grapes and wine.

The unrepeatable atmosphere of grape harvest attracts ever more visitors every year. While the localities where the feast of grape harvest was held were alternating in the past, today all of them organize their festivals in September. In spite of it, they are able to attract ten thousands visitors each.

Both, lovers of old and young wine are always satisfied. The good wine is accompanied by typical local dishes with charming tastes and aromas. Local artisans also sell their goods at such occasion. Dancing, music and fun in general are indispensable parts of the wine harvest. The festival culminates in an allegorical parade where the individual viticultural communes display what they have to offer in respect. Accompanying events include varied competitions, open-air dance or fireworks.  

Source: Vydavateľstvo Dajama