Little Carpathian Vintage Festivals

Location: Bratislavský kraj, okres Pezinok, Modra

GPS: N48°20'4'' E17°18'26''

Venue: Modra, Pezinok, Rača

Date: 9/1/2019 - 9/30/2019

Event type: folklore event, gastronomic event, market, TOP Event, event for children, event for youth, music event, workshop, Dožinky

The vintage festivals in ModraPezinok and Rača are traditional events associated with the wine harvest period, and form part of cultural and social events in the the capital surroundings and Bratislava Region.

September here is associated with grape harvest. The best known is the Vintage of Little Carpathians in Bratislava - Rača, Pezinok and Modra. It is above all celebration of the work of local vine growers and their products - the grapes and wine.

The unrepeatable atmosphere of grape harvest attracts ever more visitors every year. While the localities where the feast of grape harvest was held were alternating in the past, today all of them organize their festivals in September. In spite of it, they are able to attract tens of thousands visitors each.

Both, lovers of old and young wine are always satisfied. The good wine is accompanied by typical local dishes with charming tastes and aromas. Local artisans also sell their goods at such occasion. Dancing, music and fun in general are indispensable parts of the wine harvest.

The celebrations are typically initiated by an allegorical procession, accompanied by music and singing performed by local folk groups. Visitors can enjoy a varied programme and many accompanying events – performances by various folk groups and ensembles and viticulture-themed competitions. Most importantly, the traditional vintage festivals in the region will present an opportunity to sample fermenting grape must as well as mature wines from local cellars, and various kinds of goulash and other culinary delights.

Rača Vintage Festival: September 13–15, 2019
Pezinok Vintage Festival: September 13–15, 2019
Modra Vintage Festival: September 27–29, 2019

The Little Carpatian Viticultural Region consists of 12 viticultural areas and covers administrative territory of 120 viticultural communes. The vineyards stretch in a continuous belts on the slopes of the mountains Malé Karpaty from Bratislava to Pezinok and further to Horné Orešany. Varieties of white muscatel such as Rizling vlašský, Rizling rýnsky, Veltlínske zelené,Burgundské biele or blue varieties including Frankovka modrá and Svätovavrinecké are grown here. Müller-Thurgau, Silvánske zelené, Dievčie hrozno, Chardonnay and Portugalské modré are additional varieties which complement the scale of vine grown and processed in this region.

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