Valentine´s weekend in a castle (February)

Location: Trenčiansky kraj, okres Prievidza, Bojnice

GPS: N48°46'48'' E18°34'42''

Love. Everyone desires it but only a few people are able to verbalize what it is. It is a treasure which we can’t hide, which is not possible to own. You have to fight for it. Is love a fight??? … Yes it is. A great one! Come and experience for yourself Bojnice Castle and celebrate St Valentine’s day.

So Valentine´s weekend is here again at Bojnice Castle. A holiday for all those in love, lovers, husbands and wives, friends, people of good will, people who would do anything for the person they care for. If you belong to this group of people then the gates of the Castle will also be open to you. Do you want to see for your own eyes known and unknown couples? Romantic passion, sometimes jealously and sadness, but always a happy end. There are such stories. Or your own stories? Come and prove to your love that you can fight for it as a lion up to the last breath. Also this year there is an interesting weekend program full of surprises.

During Valentine´s weekend in Bojnice you can visit the oldest and the most famous zoological garden full of exotic and domestic animals. Or you can rest in the quiet environment of local spas. If you are hungry and tired in a nice way, we invite you to relax and taste home made food in local restaurants in the centre of this magical town.

Author: P.Pastier

Source: TIK Bojnice, Zámok Bojnice