Valentine's Day at the Trenčín Castle

Location: Trenčiansky kraj, okres Trenčín, Trenčín

GPS: N48°53'39'' E18°2'41''

Venue: Trenčín

Date: 2/14/2018

Event type: theatre festival, Carnival, exhibition, TOP Event, Valentín, event for youth

Come to experience Trenčín Castle immersed deep into romantic atmosphere. Please your partner and yourself with an interesting programme waiting for both you in the premises of the city's dominant well-known for its Well of Love and the story of Omar and Fatima associated with it. Really a great place for St Valentine's Day celebration.

This evening in Trenčín will be full of love and romance. The Feast of Saint Valentine event enliven by theatrical performance or climb at a Matúš Tower is simply dedicated to couples.

Come and prove your most beloved what you feel is true and take promise of love in the Knight's Hall nicely styled with floral decorations. Enjoy several hours of unforgettable and original stay at love-themed Trenčín Castle.

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