ÚĽUV Gallery

Location: Bratislavský kraj, Bratislava

GPS: N48°8'55'' E17°6'45''

The ÚĽUV Gallery (ÚĽUV - Folk Art Centre) is a place where exhibitions with various topics are organized, focusing on varied aspects of traditional crafts and contemporary folk art products. Besides exhibitions, the gallery also serves as a multimedia information centre.

The gallery has been equipped with presentation technology for individual  visitors interested in the topic of folk art products and crafts. The opening of the gallery was, in a way, a step with which ÚĽUV repays its debt towards craftsmen whose works have become a source of inspiration for their followers already during their life time. Some of them, at the top of their creative powers, have become personalities whose names are stated in encyclopedias.

The newly-opened ÚĽUV Gallery is a stately place where people can learn about the work and life of contemporary craftsmen not only through a direct contact with the exhibits but also through films and internet presentations in the Virtual Gallery of the folk art products.

Source: ÚĽUV