Tűzvirág – Arts Week

Location: Nitriansky kraj, okres Komárno, Nesvady

GPS: N47°55'38'' E18°7'39''

Venue: Nesvady

Date: 5/30/2014 - 6/8/2014

Event type: market, multi-genre festival

Tűzvirág – Arts Week International Arts and Music Festival will take place in 30 May – 8 June 2014.

The Tűzvirág Art Week festival with international participation is unique in its kind. Its main pillars, The Exhibition of Enamel Arts, with many participants from several countries of the world, and The Open Art School, which converts for 10 days the village to an art camp, are all about the enamel. The event enriches also a craft fair on the weekends, and several daily multi-stage musical performances, satisfying the taste of all age groups.