Trenčín Musical Spring (Trenčianska hudobná jar - April, May)

Location: Trenčiansky kraj, okres Trenčín, Trenčín

GPS: N48°53'40'' E18°2'27''

To hear the beautiful sound of the cello. On black and white keyboards there are running magical fingers. High tones of the basset horns and beautiful song of the violin announce you that spring is in full swing. And if you like classical music don’t miss Trenčín’s Musical Spring.

Traditionally, during the first two months of spring, April and May there is a celebration for all the lovers of classical music taking place in Trenčín.  Famous people and artists from Slovakia but also from abroad will be announced in surroundings which are just made for this musical style. Can you imagine a better space for a piano trio than the space of a former monastery? Place, which has great acoustics and the history breaths through every wall. A place where your esthetical and emotional senses are heightened. If this is what you are looking for then don’t forget to visit Trenčín during these months. Every Sunday there is a rich program available for you which will make a mark in you memory. 

The festival during these two months will give you an insight into the historical sights of Trenčín. In April you can discover the beauty of the Evangelistic church or historical buildings of the M.A. Bazovský Gallery. In May you can become acquainted with the space of Trenčín Museum and at the end of the festival you can experience in the former monastery, which is currently a Piaristické gymnasium.

The summer season starts in April in Trenčín. After the concert you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings in a nice terrace café and restaurant in Mierové námestie Square.

Author: P.Pastier

Source: KIC Trenčín