Recreational transport

The readers of these lines probably like travelling for relax, getting knowledge, having fun or seeking untraditional experiences. Travelling itself can be such an experience - unusual, extraordinary and interesting.

Watching the street life of a modern city from a tram used by people of old Bratislava, then called Presbourg, sailing on a raft past the rocky walls of the Pieniny National Park, listening to the sounds of the steam engine during the journey, flying into the heights of the highest peaks of the Tatras and delight in the bird´s eye view of the ground - these are the ways of getting out of the ordinary.

Although Slovakia is not a large country, it will certainly surprise the visitors by its variety and beauty on every step. If you want to discover everything it offers, you will need a lot of time and moving from one place to another. Why not to mix business with pleasure? Recreational means of transport are ideal for this purpose because they make transport more interesting, extraordinary and they save efforts and time.