Getting here by bus

Very frequent regular lines are especially connecting capitals of our neighbouring states (Prague, Vienna), line buses also run to Budapest, Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Paris, Nice, Zurich, Rotterdam etc.

Passenger transportation between Slovakia and other European countries is provided by several transport companies or independent transport providers. International coaches providing transport are standardly equipped luxurious vehicles (toilet, air-conditioning, TV, beverages sale).

Bus services between Slovakia and many European cities are provided by Eurolines (Slovak Lines) and Student Agency. Between Vienna and Bratislava run the buses of Slovak Lines and Blaguss / Flixbus company. Strama offers a seasonal line (from 15th June to 15th October) from Poprad to Zakopane (Poland). With Tiger Express you can travel from Košice to Krakow.

Travelling and reservation seat tickets need to be bought in advance either on-line, or at the bus station (in bigger cities), in some travelling agencies, eventually it is advised to book them by phone with transport providers. Some international lines are quite often sold out for a next few days, so you should allow yourself some time to book them in advance.

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