ENTRY CONDITIONS - updated 19.7.2021

As of July 9, new decrees are in force, which regulate the border regime and the obligation of domestic isolation. They impose an obligation on persons over 12 years of age to register in the eHranica form korona.gov.sk/en/ehranica/ The rules for entry to Slovakia and subsequent domestic isolation are differentiated according to the person's age and on the basis of other conditions.

Rules of entry to Slovakia by age and registration procedure:
Persons under the age of 12 are subject to the regime of their parents or persons in the same household and do not have to register via eHranica
Persons aged 12 - 18 years are subject to the regime of their parents or persons in the same household and must register via eHranica. It is necessary to define in the form whether any of the persons in the common household is in domestic isolation: if so, it is necessary to fill in the entire form and enter the domestic isolation, if not, the registration will be completed and it is not necessary to enter the home isolation.
Persons aged 18 and over are obliged to register via eHranica

What awaits you when registering in eHranica korona.gov.sk/en/ehranica/?

After filling in the basic data, it is determined whether you have already received vaccination. There are three options to choose from:

• I am a fully vaccinated person and I have proof of this - you complete a simple registration and you do not have to enter the home isolation, registration is valid for 6 months

• I am a person with an administered dose of vaccine until 9.7.2021 and I am entering Slovakia by 2.8.2021 by 6:00 am and I do not meet the conditions of a fully vaccinated person - after entering Slovakia it is necessary to stay in home isolation. Home isolation ends after the negative PCR test you will be ordered for.

• I am not a vaccinated person - you continue to fill in the form, if you meet the conditions for exemptions from compulsory home insulation, you do not have to complete it. If you do not meet the conditions for an exemption, you must undergo compulsory home insulation.

Home isolation after arrival in Slovakia

To all persons who from July 9, 2021 from 06:00 hrs. enter the territory of the Slovak Republic and are not subject to exceptions, insulation is ordered in the home environment or in a quarantine accommodation facility.

Exceptions for unvaccinated persons

If you have not yet received any vaccination against COVID-19, you can still claim one of several exceptions to the mandatory home isolation. These exceptions are broken down in the form according to the conditions you must meet when applying them. More detailed information on exceptions can be found at korona.gov.sk/en/travelling-to-slovak-republic/.