Towards the water treasure of Žitný ostrov

Žitný ostrov is the biggest river island in Europe located between the river Danube and Danube’s left arm it is marked as the most fertile ground in the region of Slovakia and it is the biggest reservoir of high quality drinking water in central Europe.

People of Žitný ostrov used the flow of Little Danube (Malý Dunaj) to drive the water millsfrom ancient times, thanks to that you can admire technical monument – Water pan mills in JelkaTomášikovo and Dunajský Klátov andpan mill in Jahodná.

The calm flow of the Little Danube offers ideal conditions for rowing. It is enough if you just hop on a kayak and will be taken by the river flow while you can admire the beautiful nature of surrounding of alluvial forests. A big attraction is also water dam in Gabčíkovo with a hydroelectric power plant and two chambers for boats which can be seen during the trip. Around the whole area there is acycling route on the dam.

If you are tired of trips it is just enough to relax in thermal water in swimming pools in Gabčíkovo, or Topoľníky. Or you can use the services of Thermalpark Veľký Meder, or Thermalpark Dunajská Streda. The beneficial effects of thermal water are almost visible immediately… 

Thermal water in Žitný ostrov is also used for spa services, you can find out inwellness hotels Bonbón Dunajská Streda, Kormorán Šamorín and Thermalpark Veľký Meder

A visit to Dunajská Streda can be combined with a visit of Žitnoostrovné museum, which is located in the building of Žltý kaštieľ.

Source: TINS