Slovak folklore is extraordinary

Almost every valley and every region is represented with something specific. There are currently 26 folk costume areas in Slovakia with typical embroidery motives and approximately 60 variants of folk costumes.

Songs, costumes, dances, architecture. They are mutually different and combined create a unique diversified heritage, not so easily found just anywhere. These traditions are still alive and you will get to know them best by visiting some of the grand cultural festivals in the summer season, such as the Festival in Východná in the village Východná under the High Tatras.

  • Echoes of Old Slavic under Kráľova hoľa mountain (July)

  • Radvanský jarmok fair (September)

  • The European Folk Craft Festival - EĽRO (July)

  • The Festival of the Ruthenian and Ukrainian Cultures (June)

  • The Zemplínske slávnosti Festival (August)

  • International Folk Costume Dolls Festival (June)

  • Salamander Days (September)

  • The Festival Hontianska paráda (August)

  • The Festival of the Culture of the Hungarians of Slovakia (June)

  • The Folklore Festival Podroháčske folklórne slávnosti (August)

  • The Folklore Festival Poľana (July)

  • The Folklore Festival Východná (the first weekend in July)

  • The International Folklore Festival Myjava (June)

  • The Jánošík´s Days (July)

  • The Zamagurské folklórne slávnosti Festival (June)