Exceptional folklore and folk tradition

Since time immemorial, people in Slovakia lived in harmony with nature, and with respect and humility for their predecessors, customs and traditions, from which the way of life, folk culture and folklore evolved.

Many unique traditional customs have been preserved, whether as folk architecture, song or dance, distinct customs, or traditional arts and crafts.

Examples of the skills and artistic feel of the Slovak nation can best be experienced at folk architecture conservation reserves, open-air expositions, folklore and other festivals, and in smaller villages in regions such as Kysuce, Orava, Liptov, Horehronie, Spiš and Šariš.

The milk is drunk fresh or sour and all milk products such as whey, cottage cheese, bryndza (salted sheep curd) and sheep cheese are very popular. Smoked or fresh sheep cheese products are sold in different forms and shapes and Slovaks love them.

The most typical albeit not preferred by all, is the Slovak national meal bryndzové halušky with fried bacon. Bryndzové halušky means for the Slovaks the same as sushi for the Japanese or pizza for the Italians.